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7 Great Reasons To Consider Permeable Pavers

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If you're looking for a paving option for a driveway, parking lot, patio, or garden pathway, you should consider having permeable pavers installed. This option typically uses porous materials and provides space between each individual paver to provide for superior drainage. Following are just seven of the great reasons to install permeable pavers instead of traditional asphalt or cement. 

They Eliminate Muddy Conditions 

Driveways, walkways, and other paved surfaces often become muddy when weather conditions feature a great deal of rain or when snow is melting. Because the water drains directly into the ground underneath permeable pavers, muddy conditions are much less likely to develop than with traditional paving counterparts, and you won't have water pooling around the edges due to runoff. 

They Require Less Maintenance Than Asphalt or Concrete

Your permeable pavers should be pressure cleaned and vacuumed on average four times per year, with careful attention paid to whether fill material needs to be replaced. However, this job is very short and sweet, and it's nothing at all like the tedious, time-consuming chores involved with keeping a concrete or asphalt surface in good condition. You won't have to reseal your permeable pavers, for instance, and they won't develop cracks or holes. Grease spots and other spills are also much easier to clean up. 

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Rainwater and snowmelt runs off traditional driveway materials such as concrete and asphalt into storm drains instead of being allowed to replenish the groundwater. With permeable paving, on the other hand, water from precipitation seeps back into the ground, thus promoting the natural water cycle of the given area. Homeowners can also choose to install permeable pavers produced with recycled concrete or other sustainably sourced materials such as recycled plastics. The porous material of the pavers as well as the typical gravel base also acts as a filter to prevent certain types of toxic materials from entering the groundwater. 

They Provide Flood Protection 

One of the primary causes of flooding is stormwater runoff, particularly after times of heavy precipitation or fast snowmelt. What often occurs during these times is that waters that are diverted to storm drains carry vegetative debris that serves to clog the drains, causing them to back up and cause flooding. With permeable pavers, flooding is far less likely to occur because the water isn't sent down the storm drains. 

They Are Lightweight and Easy to Install

Due to their interlocking nature, the installation of permeable pavers is much easier than pouring concrete or asphalt. The materials are also more lightweight than traditional paving material, making it much easier to work with. For instance, permeable pavers made from recycled concrete undergo a process that renders the concrete porous and, therefore, much lighter, preventing many of the installation challenges of heavier materials. 

They Can Provide a Temporary Surface

If you own or operate a business that sometimes requires temporary overflow parking, permeable pavers can be placed over grassy areas to provide an even surface for people to park their vehicles. Your local paving contractor should be able to fill you in on the temporary permeable paving options available for your particular situation. Installing temporary parking protects your turf from being torn up by traffic during those times when you need overflow parking. 

They Are Aesthetically Appealing 

Permeable pavers provide the type of rustic, textured look that appeals to many modern homeowners. Furthermore, they offer significantly more design options than traditional paving materials. You could design a winding garden walkway from permeable paving materials designed to capture the mood of Old English cobblestone, or you could go for a minimalist design for a modern driveway. 

To learn more about the many uses and advantages of permeable paving, please feel free to contact a paving contractor service, such as Imperial Paving, at your earliest convenience.