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Top Two Choices For Paving A Driveway

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If you are thinking of paving your driveway, you really have two great options. You can choose to pave your driveway with asphalt or concrete. The reason that they are both great is they have both been used for a very long time and have been extremely good materials. However, both of these materials have aspects that make them better for specific situations. So, you want to make sure you are choosing the right paving material for your situation. Here are a few positive aspects about the different paving materials.


One of the main reasons that people use asphalt is that it is very good with cyclic weather patterns. The materials that go to make asphalt are rock aggregate and bitumen. The engineering and construction of asphalt makes it very resistant to cold and hot weather. When a material heats up, it will generally expand. When a material cools down, it will start to contract. Winter and summer have a lot of affect on materials. Asphalt is designed to be able to swell and contract without any major problems. If you do find that your asphalt has cracked, you will be able to take a polymer sealant and seal the cracks without any problem.  If you find that you need to refinish the entire driveway, the asphalt that you have now will act as a perfect foundation for the new asphalt that is being put down. You will be able to put a new layer of asphalt on instead of having to completely redo the driveway.


If you are thinking about using concrete you are probably thinking that you want one of the most durable materials available, there is a very good reason that many roads and freeways are concrete. Yes, concrete is extremely durable because it is made from a very dense limestone aggregate and cement. One aspect of concrete that many people overlook is just how versatile that it can be. If you would like to make your driveway a specific color, there are additives that can be put into the concrete during mixing that will turn it any color that you want. Concrete can also be stamped when it is still wet. So, you can get the extremely durable concrete that you want, and you can have it stamped to have a specific design. Concrete is versatile and it is extremely durable, you wont be disappointed with the material.

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