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Repair Shallow Holes And Cracks In An Asphalt Commercial Parking Lot And Apply Sealant To The Pavement

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If you own a small restaurant and the asphalt parking lot adjoining it has a few shallow holes and cracks in its surface, repair the asphalt by completing the instructions below. After completing the project, add sealant to the parking lot's surface to give it a uniform appearance and to protect the asphalt from damage.


  • push broom
  • detergent
  • water hose
  • pressure washer
  • vacuum cleaner (with hose attachment)
  • small shovel
  • bag of gravel
  • container of cold asphalt patch
  • trowel
  • putty knife
  • heavy weight drop cloths
  • buckets of asphalt sealant
  • paint roller (thick nap)
  • roller frame
  • roller extension handle

Clean The Parking Lot And Repair Holes And Cracks

Remove trash cans, parking signs, or any other loose items from the parking lot's surface. Move a push broom across the asphalt to eliminate leaves, sticks, or any other debris. Fill a pressure washer's reservoir with a small amount of detergent. Add water to the reservoir until the water level falls just below the reservoir's agitating blades. Agitate the cleaning solution before turning the pressure washer on. Aim the pressure washer's nozzle directly at surface stains on the asphalt. Rinse the parking lot with water and wait for the asphalt to dry.

Use a vacuum cleaner's hose attachment to collect loose pieces of debris that remain on the parking lot's surface. Add a thin, even layer of gravel to the base of each hole in the parking lot. The gravel will assist with holding cold asphalt patch in place. Use a small shovel to add cold patch to the holes. Pack the patch down firmly as you fill the holes. Use a trowel or putty knife to add patch to cracks in the asphalt. Smooth out cold asphalt patch with a putty knife. Wait the amount of time that is listed on the patch's container for the patch to cure.

Add Sealant To The Lot's Surface

Lay heavy weight drop cloths along each side of the property that is adjacent to the parking lot. Weighted drop cloths won't shift or blow away if it is windy outdoors. Open a bucket of asphalt sealant and pour sealant into a paint tray. Secure a thick-napped paint roller to a frame and extension handle. Apply sealant in straight lines across the parking lot's surface.

Once the asphalt is coated evenly, wait for the sealant to dry. Add a subsequent coat of sealant to the asphalt. After the second coat has dried, remove the drop cloths from the ground and place trash cans, signs, or any other items on the parking lot's surface.

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