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Protect Your Surface Through Total Awareness - Signs Your Asphalt Needs Repair

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A freshly paved asphalt lot can add a great deal to curb appeal and can function as an attractive addition to your commercial or residential space. However, over time, defects are likely to develop and reveal themselves. It's important to be able to identify the point at which wear and tear become a serious concern.

Below, you'll find a guide that should help you determine which problems with your asphalt require your immediate attention. Following this maintenance guide can help guarantee you receive the maximum performance and stability from your lot, putting you in a position to maximize the return on your investment for many years to come:

Sprouting Plants

When you see greenery begin to peek its way up through the asphalt, it's likely that you're only seeing the symptom of a fairly severe problem. By the time plants are able to break through the surface, it's likely that they've grown underneath your lot to an extreme degree and are now forced upward with nowhere else to go.

Be sure to remove any plant growth that you see and thoroughly treat the affected area with chemicals which are designed to deter that growth. You should also consider keeping your lot surrounded by a boundary of gravel that might help deter creeping plant growth and keep weeds at bay.

Crumbling Edges

Asphalt get a great deal of its strength from its connectedness. By taking countless small component pieces and mixing them with a reliable sealant, you can enjoy a smooth surface that appears to be one consistent piece. When that surface starts to fray around the edges, you may be facing a serious challenge.

Lot erosion is sometimes caused by a weakening of the chemical bonds which formed the strong surface in the first place. If you notice pebbles and small rocks beginning to flake away from the corners of your lot, make sure you take the time to reseal and resurface your asphalt to restore its stability.

Stubborn Stains

Even the best-maintained vehicles may leak fluid on occasion, and when that occurs, the stains that are likely to be left on your lot can be bothersome. Automotive fluids may not easily be washed away by water, and if they sit for too long on your asphalt, they can become unsightly and threaten the strength of your surface. Reaching out for professional cleaning assistance can be an important step in asphalt repair and can guarantee you receive the performance you desire.

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