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Five Mistakes That Will Shorten The Life Of Your Commercial Parking Lot

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Commercial parking lots tend to take a beating on a daily basis. This means that maintenance is important to avoiding everyday wear and tear and extending the life of a parking lot.

Don't underestimate how much a parking lot replacement could cost your company and cut into your bottom line. Ensure that your parking lot will last as long as possible by avoiding the following five maintenance mistakes:

Neglecting to attend to drainage issues

If you let standing water sit on your parking lot surface constantly, it's going to lead to problems such as potholes, cracks, and freeze thaw issues when the temperature drops.

It's not too hard to address standing water and drainage issues. You can often remedy them simply and quickly by putting some touch-up asphalt or concrete patches in depressed surface areas. This will elevate depressed the surface and prevent pools of water from forming. 

Leaving cracks in the pavement without sealing them up quickly

Once cracks form on your parking lot surface, they will inevitably become larger over time as the parking lot surface needs to support heavy loads every day.

Fill cracks right away through sealing to prevent further damage before it's too late. Even the smallest cracks will become larger over time, so be vigilant and stay on top of maintenance.

Placing excessively heavy loads on the surface of the parking lot

If possible, you should try to minimize the maximum weight that's placed on your parking lot surface. Avoid allowing heavy construction equipment and enormous tractor trailers to drive over your lot unless it's absolutely necessary.

You can minimize the load placed on your lot by strategically locating loading docks so that trucks delivering supplies to your facility don't have to drive across your entire lot.

Neglecting to put sealcoating over an asphalt parking lot

If you have an asphalt parking lot, sealcoating is extremely important to maintaining your lot and ensuring that it will last a long time. Non-coated lots don't only begin to have structural problems sooner, but they will also not look as professional through the years that they're in use.

Never cleaning the surface of your parking lot

Debris is inevitably going to accumulate on a parking lot surface, and you can't expect rainwater to clean it off entirely. Dirt and mud that remain in contact will your parking lot surface for long periods of time will expose the surface to moisture and could speed up the process of crack and pothole development.

Clean off your parking lot surface occasionally through pressure washing to improve your lot's appearance and avoid damage. Contact a concrete contractor, like R Williams Paving LLC.