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Three Great Reasons To Consider Concrete

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If you're in the process of replacing existing interior or exterior surfaces or deciding which ones to install in new construction, you should consider concrete. Modern concrete finishing techniques have added a whole new dimension to this material. Following are just three of the many advantages to choosing concrete over other surface options.


Concrete flooring wasn't even on the table as an option for interior flooring until polished concrete arrived on the scene. Because it can be finished in a wide variety of ways using modern techniques, concrete is no longer for industrial use only. It can be colored by paints, stains, or dyes and buffed to a high-gloss sheen appropriate for the most elegant interior spaces. It can be stamped to resemble cobblestones, bricks, slate, granite, and even marble. 

Finished concrete isn't just for home interiors, however. Imagine having a decorative surface on your patio, walkways, pool area, or driveway rather than just the usual old institutional gray. For instance, you can have a unique mural stamped on the bottom of your pool or have it edged in an attractive design. If you live in an area where wildfire activity poses a potential threat, you can have a concrete firebreak installed around the exterior perimeters of your home that does double duty as an attractive outdoor living area -- think of it as a wrap-around patio and fill it with seating areas, planters, and even fountains and statuary. Having an effective firebreak doesn't mean that you've got to sacrifice beauty and comfort. 


Whether concrete surfaces are used in interior spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, or main living areas or used outdoors for patios, pools, walkways, and steps, you can't beat it for safety. Slip-resistant brushed concrete is ideal for use in any area where potential exists for slip-and-fall accidents. Not only will brushed concrete help keep you, your family, and guests safe inside and outside your home, it may help decrease the risk of lawsuits due to slippery surfaces in your business, particularly if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain. 


Concrete lasts significantly longer than many other types of surface materials, so you won't have to replace or repair it nearly as often. Sealed concrete surfaces are particularly durable.

Please feel free to reach out to your local concrete finishing contractor for more information on how concrete finishing services can increase the desirability of concrete surfaces.