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Fill A Long Crack In An Asphalt Driveway's Surface

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If weeds are growing through a long crack that is on the surface of the asphalt driveway on your property, eliminate them and fill the crack by completing the steps below. Apply a coat of sealant to the driveway to protect the asphalt from additional damage and to provide the driveway with a uniform appearace:


  • herbicide
  • rubber gloves
  • trash bag 
  • asphalt cleaning agent
  • scrub brush
  • water hose
  • nozzle
  • bucket of asphalt patch
  • trowel
  • putty knife
  • tamper
  • cones
  • sign
  • weighted drop cloths
  • sealant
  • mixing stick
  • paint roller
  • frame and extension handle

Eliminate Weeds And Clean The Asphalt

Put on a pair of rubber gloves before spraying the weeds with an herbicide. The weeds will wilt after a couple days. Pull the weeds by hand and dispose of them in a trash bag. Use a scrub brush to administer an asphalt cleaning agent to the driveway's surface. If stubborn stains are present, move the brush rapidly back and forth over them and add more of the cleaning agent to the driveway's surface if needed. Rinse the driveway off with plain water and wait for the asphalt to dry thoroughly.

Use Cold Asphalt Patch To Fill The Crack

Add an even layer of cold asphalt patch to the edge of a trowel. Insert the trowel in the crack in the driveway's surface and remove the patch from the edge of the trowel by moving a putty knife across the tool. Compact the patch by pressing a tamper firmly against the repaired surface. Allow a couple full days for the patch to cure. Place a couple cones or a sign near the repaired area so that no one drives or walks over it.

Seal The Driveway's Surface

Drape weighted drop cloths over the property that surrounds the driveway to protect the ground from asphalt sealant. Open a container of sealant and use a long wooden stick to stir the contents for a minute or two. Lay a paint tray on a level surface near the driveway before pouring sealant into the tray. After securing a thick-napped paint roller to an extension handle, coat the roller with sealant.

Move the roller along the length of the driveway. Try to apply the sealant in even lines and dip the roller into the sealant as needed. Once the asphalt is covered with an even coat of sealant, wait for the driveway's surface to dry before removing the weighted drop cloths from the ground.

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