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5 Things To Understand About Protecting Your Asphalt

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If you have an asphalt driveway, you need to understand what causes your asphalt to get damaged and how to prevent damage to your asphalt driveway, if you want it to look great for a long time to come.

Cracks Can Ruin Your Asphalt

One of the main things that can ruin your asphalt the fastest is cracks. Cracks compromise the overall integrity of your asphalt. Cracks can spread and cause your asphalt to become uneven and unsafe.

When water gets into cracks, disaster ensues in the winter time. Water in cracks freezes up, when it gets cold outside, and when water freezes, it expands, which means that the cracks in your driveway are only going to get bigger with time.

Fill Cracks on a Yearly Basis

You should fill in all small cracks as soon as you see them. Filling in cracks as soon as you see them, when they are hairline thin, will help prevent them from spreading, growing, and wrecking your concrete. Use an asphalt patch kit for small cracks.

At least once a year, fill in all the big cracks that develop on your asphalt driveway, preferably before winter, when water and ice can turn your cracks into bigger problems. Use cold asphalt patches to fix bigger cracks in your driveway, or hire a professional to fill them in.

Stop Weeds in Their Tracks

Don't allow weeds to grow near your driveway or in the cracks on your driveway.  Pull up weeds as soon as you see them. Their roots can be invasive and can cause small cracks to expand. If you have a real problem with weeds next to your driveway, use weed killer.

Keep Water Flowing in the Right Direction

Make sure the water that comes off your house flows into drainage ditches or drains. You don't want water pooling up on your asphalt driveway. Pooling water is not good for your driveway over the long-term.

Seal Everything Up

Finally, be sure to get your driveway sealed up every couple of years. A seal coating will help protect your asphalt driveway from wear and tear and will allow it to last longer.

The biggest risk to your asphalt driveway is cracks, which can expand when weeds grow in them or when water gets into the cracks and freezes. To protect your asphalt driveway, fill in cracks as you see them, keep weeds out of your driveway, make sure that you have a good drainage plan in place, and seal up your driveway on a regular basis.

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